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How Homeowner's Insurance Works for Roofs

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Everyday we get questions like, “Our roof leaks." or "I see missing shingled. How do I get it fixed?”

One option is with your home’s insurance policy, if your roof has experienced significant storm damage.

If you might have storm damage, here are six steps you should take.

1. Contact a Roofer

ALWAYS contact a trusted roofer prior to your insurance company. Even calling your agent to ask questions about storm damage may start the claims process, potentially leading to higher monthly premiums if it turns into a false claim. Quality roofing companies have employees who are trained in spotting hail and wind damage. To find a roofer you can count on, look up reviews online, stick with local companies, and stay away from door knockers!

2. Set Up an Inspection

After finding a licensed and insured roofer, set up an inspection. These inspections are usually free and take less than an hour. The roofer will be able to walk you through what they find and give you guidance on the likelihood your insurance company covers the storm damage.

3. File a Claim

Once the roofer has inspected your roof, you will need to decide if you want to file a claim. Filing multiple claims can increase your insurance premiums based on formulas created by each insurance company, so make sure you are confident in your decision. The good news if you do have storm damage, this will NOT increase your premiums because storm damage is considered an "act of God." In general terms, your premiums should not increase if you have filed 3 or less within the last 5 years. Archway Roofing suggests everyone contact their personal agent for specific policy questions, as we are not licensed insurance agents or affiliated with any insurance companies.

4. Schedule a Meeting with an Insurance Adjuster

When filing a claim, ask your agent to let you know when the adjuster is coming to inspect your roof for storm damage and then have your roofer meet said adjuster. The is the MOST important step. Adjusters typically represent the insurance company and your roofer represents you. Adjusters are human and may miss some damage that is the difference between approval and denial of your claim.

5. Schedule the Roof Repair

If your claim is approved, the same adjuster that inspected your roof will list all items that need replacing and the price the insurance company will pay for the work to be completed. This is another reason to always find a roofer with a contractors licence. A roofer with a contractor's licence will make sure that your new roof is up to codes and is installed the right way.

6. Pay the Roofer and Keep All Documentation

The insurance company will usually send you two checks. You will pay the roofer the first check at the completion of the job. The roofer will then send a letter of completion to the insurance agency. Once the agency receives the letter of completion, they will send second check usually arrives a week later. This process should take no more than three weeks.

Finally, keep all documentation. This will help when you decide to sell the property or replace the roof again decades later.

If you live in Middle Tennessee and want to use your homeowner's policy to claim a new roof, call Archway Roofing at 615-364-7868.

We are a local company experienced in handling insurance claims for Tennesseans.

You'll receive a FREE inspection.

Again, don't wait. Call us today at 615-364-7868.

Remember, a dry home is a healthy home.


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