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How to Select the Correct Shingles

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

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Dimensional Shingle Colors

For most clients, Archway Roofing has found customers have never replaced their roof before and they have not given much thought about their roof until it started leaking. When given roofing options, as many as there are, it can be over whelming. This is a first time buyers guide to roofing products.

As mentioned there are many styles of roofs. There are: tile, slate, rubber, wood, metal and the of course the most common asphalt shingle roofs. From the materials then the variety widens to thickness, color and composition. For this short guide, we will be focusing on asphalt shingles.

In general terms, all asphalt shingles are made up of the same 4 materials (fiber glass mess backing, asphalt, ceramic and crushed rock) but their prices will range wildly depending on mainly the thickness. The thicker the shingle, the more expensive and weather resistant the shingle. Believe it or not, shingles protect against more that just water. Shingles are rated based on their resistance to wind and impacts from hail and other wind driven debris. The thicker the shingle, the more resistant and thus longer lasting the shingle. Age estimates of shingles start off at 20 years and can be warrantied all the way up too 50 years depending on their composition.

20 year and 25 year shingles are whats known as a "3-Tab" shingle. 3-Tab shingles, because one shingle has 3 tabs. A 3-Tab shingle also has no dimensions, it lays flat in a 2 dimensional way. 3-Tab shingles are rated generally for 60 mph winds and 3/4 inch size hail due to it's thickness. The shapes and colors available are basic and the price is set for budget friendly consumers.

The next common style of shingle is dimensional shingles. Dimensional shingles or also known as laminated shingle get their name because they have random tabs of asphalt shingle material laminated over top of a solid base layer to give the dimensional appearance of a tile or slate roof. Dimensional shingles can be warrantied for 30 - 50 years depending on the thickness and style. Dimensional shingles have many more color and ornate patterns they can come in, depending on the customers preferences. The price can range from a few budget friendly too quadruple the cost. In general terms, the low end of dimensional shingles can with stand 120 mph winds and 1.25 inch hail depending on the some factors and who you ask.

Other features offered by shingle manufacturers is a stain resistant shingle and energy efficient shingle options.

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