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When to Inspect Your Roof 


Archway Roofing recommends property owners contact a licensed and insured contractor for a roof inspection when:

  •  Major discoloration can be seen from the ground

  • When water is entering the structure usually seen as brown water marks on drywall

  • After a strong wind storm in access of 45+ mph, older roof are more prone to wind damage (15 plus years)

  • After a hail storm of quarter size hail or larger, again, older roofs are more prone to damage 

  • Once the roof turns 15 years old

  • Before you list the property, we do not recommend trusting a home inspector's assessment


The two most common shingle styles are "3-Tab" and "Architectural" also known as "Dimensional" shingles. 3-Tab shingles are considered 20 year shingles with an approximate life span of 13 - 17 years. 3-Tab shingles are generally rated for 60 mph straight line wind and can be damaged by 3/4 inch hail. Architectural or dimensional shingles come in many variations of shape, size, color and thickness. The basic or most common Architectural shingle is generally regarded as a 30 year shingle with an expected life span of 15 - 17 years in Middle Tennessee's weather, but these expected life spans may differ depending on where you live.

Finding signs of water damage in the living spaces of your home or business is likely the result of a roof system failure over a prolonged periods of time. The roof system was likely compromised months ago and water has soaked through several building materials finally making it's way to the living areas of your home or business. Major leaks have been know to be caused by a single nail hole or a build up of debris in valleys or gutters. Archway has even seen water enter a structure, run 60 feet down a rafter before showing up as a stain on the other side of the house. 

Archway Roofing recommends property owners review their insurance policy. Damage caused by hail, wind or blown debris are generally covered under an insurance policy. However, some policies may require the property owner to act within one years or risk foregoing replacement coverage. If you think you have damage that may be covered, before filing a claim, Archway Roofing advises you to read our claims guide first. Click on "Roof Tips" tab located at the top for more information.

Archway Roofing only offers advise in general terms and is not a legal counsel. For more specific advice we recommend talking with your insurance company. 

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Compositional Laminated

*Also Known As:

Dimensional -or- Architectural

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