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Water Intrusion

Problems that Arise from Water Intrusion

Moisture entering a structure causes three main issues. One potential issue is mold or mildew. Prolonged exposure to mold, especially in a confined space such as a home or office can lead to several health issues. Children and young adults are especially susceptible to respiratory complications caused by prolonged exposure. Another potential issue caused by moisture penetrating a structure is wood rot. Wood rot occurs when wood is exposed to moisture over a prolonged period and is accelerated by seasonal weather effects. Over time, wood rot leads to structural issues and potentially a third problem, termites. North American termites seek out structures with access to both wood and moisture. Termites need both wood and moisture in order to thrive. Termites also leads to structural issues. Some estimate termites cause in excess of 5 billion dollars of damage in America each year. All three problems caused by moisture intrusion previously stated take time to develop and are expensive to resolve. Unfortunately, if the roof system fails, moisture will enter a structure and it may take months before water damage is visible. The longer water sits, the more damage it will cause. Protect your home against water intrusion, and remember, "a dry home is a healthy home."

Issues cause by leaks. Water intrusion is a major problem if left untreated. Archway Roofing can help solve your moisture intrusion quick and easy. Give us a call for your free assessment
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