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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

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It is fairly common that home inspectors inspect high or steep roofs from the ground
Are you sure the home inspector inspected the entire roof?

Buying a home in this hot Nashville market can be stressful. House buying in Nashville is the most competitive it has ever been, and that means speed counts when it comes to successfully closing on a home or office.

But before you close, you’ll want a home inspector to make sure you know the condition of the property. Inspectors are knowledgeable when it comes to the functionality of a home or office. They can tell you if something is missing, like insulation or light bulbs. Inspectors can also tell you if the systems in your home or office are working correctly, like faucets, electrical outlets and the HVAC unit. However, if you want to know how long said HVAC unit will last you once moved in, you should seek the opinion of a heating and cooling expert. In the same respects, when it comes to a roof system, seek the advice of a roof specialist.

Imagine, you just bought the house of your dreams, beating out 10 other buyers by paying above your budget and the asking price. The home inspection report said that the roof has “NO VISIBLE DAMAGE,” yet 3 months after closing, a leak! So, you call an expert roofer and they say, “you had storm damage from a storm 9 months ago.” Under this scenario, your insurance will not cover storm damage prior to ownership, leaving you with a massive bill months after splurging on a home, and wondering what good was a home inspection!

The scenario above happens more often than you may think unfortunately. Home inspectors know a lot about homes; however, they are not experts on all trades. Many home inspectors are prohibited from climbing on roofs for fear of falling, meaning some inspect the roof from the ground. Inspecting a roof from the ground is not enough information to accurately access the condition.

Another issue to be aware of with inspectors is that they are currently understaffed for the Nashville market. This means inspectors are working overtime to complete inspections in a timely basis. Many times, inspectors are inspecting multiple properties, writing multiple comprehensive report and submitting said report all in a 48-hour period. While mistakes happen, are you sure everything was comprehensively inspected?

If your inspector suspects there is an issue with the roof, then they will typically put in the report that the buyer should consult with a licensed and certified roofing company. Do not ignore the inspector’s suggestion. Call an expert roofing company to conduct a full examine of your roof. The inspections are typically free, and you will gain valuable information on the roof’s condition. You may even be able to use the report from the roofer to negotiate a roof replacement or lower sale price with the seller.

The benefits of a healthy roof are many. The obvious benefit of a quality roofs prevents water intrusion from causing health hazards like mildew from forming, starving termites of moisture and increase curb appeal. So, make sure you know the roofs condition before you buy your next home.

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